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Our Theatre school classes are very popular! The children will participate in classes in Singing, Dancing, and Acting that will improve confidence, develop performance skills, and encourage talent. All of our students are given the chance to shine in exciting live performances, offering new experiences and raising confidence with every show in which they participate in.

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Acrobatic dance is a beautiful fusion of dance techniques and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Our lessons cover the Acrobatic Arts syllabus focusing on strength, flexibility, tumbling, balance and limbering. A fantastic way to increase overall physical fitness whilst learning new tricks!



Musical Theatre allows students to combine their three skills of dancing, acting and singing in order for them to aim at being the ultimate “triple threat”. Whilst enjoying learning numbers from their favourite West End Musicals, it is the perfect platform for them to develop their performance skills.


Ballet is one of our most popular classes! Ballet is a fantastic way for both girls and boys to develop and refine gross motor skills, flexibility, fitness and social interaction. As well as an understanding and appreciation for music and Ballet as a performance art.

Ballet encourages poise, discipline and self-confidence. Children gain a real sense of pride and achievement. They also make forever dance friends!


Children's Ballet is taught following the syllabus of the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing), one of the world’s leading dance examination boards.


My son has been attending the school for a few years now and he is loving it!! The difference in his confidence is amazing. He enjoys attending the classes but also loves to show what he’s learnt at home with the family. The teachers are so lovely and welcoming, I’d highly recommend.



An essential class for any student wishing to pursue a rounded career in dance. These classes are lively and lots of fun! They follow the ISTD Modern Theatre Syllabus where children learn core dance skills which are developed and built upon as they progress through the grades. The lessons are based around a structured syllabus which involves learning set exercises as well as free dances, providing the children with the opportunity to take exams. Styles range from fast and funky to lyrical and Musical Theatre for a well rounded dance education. 

This style of dance is one of the three core Theatre Dance subjects, (Ballet, Tap & Modern) and often seen on the stages of musical productions. It's also known for its theatrical qualities. The style uses traveling steps, high kicks, leaps, and turns which all require strength and flexibility.



Combo class of Mini Acro, Street Dance and Groove Child


Is your child groovy? In this energetic, fun filled lesson your little one will experience Acro, Street Dance and the Groove Child syllabus all combined for one hour of adventure. 



Combo Class of Tap, Ballet and Modern


Combination classes are a great way for students to experience different types of dance in a one-hour instructional time. 


Our Classic Kidz Combo Class is for children aged 4-7 yrs who wish to learn a little bit of each style. This is a lovely way to give the little ones a taste of each style so that they can progress onto one of our exam classes with a basic knowledge of the style.


I can't recommend TPA enough! It's a fantastic academy, with dedicated teachers who go above and beyond. Miss Stacey is an inspiration to all of the children and i've seen my child's confidence and passion for theatre grow since attending here.



Combo Class - Singing, Dancing, Acting


Combination classes are a great way for students to experience different types of dance in a one-hour instructional time. 


Our Theatre Kidz classes provide the most magical and exciting environment for youngsters to develop their stage skills. From building confidence, to using their big loud voices and expressing themselves through our fun games, exercises and performance pieces. Our Theatre Kidz classes are an hour of pure fun! 



Our popular Drama classes enable students to learn new and exciting acting and performance techniques in tandem with developing key social skills. Children will develop their confidence through participating in Plays, Physical Theatre and Shows. We offer Graded examinations through LAMDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art). As children progress through the grades, they will develop an understanding of dramatic structure and staging, characterisation and improvisation.



Our after school dance classes are about having fun, getting active and learning exciting dance routines to all the current music your child loves.


They are a fantastic way to enhance the fitness and flexibility - as well as the spatial awareness, coordination and creativity of your children.

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