We offer exceptional training for children and young adults in the Performing Arts. Our Classes in Singing, Dancing, and Acting will improve confidence, develop performance skills, and encourage talent. We pride ourselves in offering the children outstanding tuition, with each subject being taught by specialist teachers who have trained at some of the nations most prestigious Performing Arts institutions. All of our students are given the chance to shine in exciting live performances, offering new experiences and raising confidence with every show in which they participate in.



MONDAYS (TERM TIME ONLY) At Halterworth Primary School, Romsey. 4.00pm-6.15pm. Open to anyone aged 5yrs-16yrs- £60.00 every six weeks

TUESDAYS (TERM TIME ONLY) At Fryern Junior School, Chandlers Ford. 3.15pm-5.30pm. Open to anyone aged 5yrs-12yrs- £60 every six weeks

WEDNESDAYS (TERM TIME ONLY) At Springhill Catholic School, Southampton. 3.15pm- 5.15pm. Open to anyone aged 5yrs-12yrs- £48.00 every 6 weeks

THURSDAYS (TERM TIME ONLY) At Botley Primary School- 3.20pm-5.20pm. Open to anyone aged 5yrs-12yrs- £48 every six weeks

FRIDAYS (TERM TIME ONLY) At Stroud School, Romsey-4.00pm-6.30pm. Open to only Stroud Students. £60 every 12 weeks for Mini TPA and  £120.00 every 12 weeks for Main TPA.


SATURDAYS (TERM TIME ONLY) At The Romsey School, Romsey. 9.45am-1.00pm. Open to anyone aged 5yrs-18yrs- £108.00 every six weeks